Our story

My brother and I came up with this concept in 2015 as I was getting into programming and he was breaking into the New York menswear industry.

He noted that he was constantly asked the question: "What do I wear with this?"

Together, we learned to communicate our experiences with menswear through an educational and relatable voice. Menswear should not feel daunting, so we embarked on our journey to make 'dressing better' simple.

As the years progressed, so did twelve70; but we were constantly trying to achieve the ‘perfect app'. Then I pulled a Leeroy Jenkins and posted it on Reddit. The reception was better than expected and further reiterated that our journey was worth the effort.

As twelve70 is now our main focus, we are taking on freelance work to pay our bills and keep building what we started 5 years ago.

Thank you so much if you are considering to contribute to twelve70. We promise you that we will only keep moving forward.

Cheers and warmest regards,

Team twelve70

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